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2 Days Brush Pen
Calligraphy Workshop

A Complete Guide for a Successful Free Hand Artist
With practice, anyone can master the basics of brush calligraphy and enjoy making stunning hand-lettered designs.
How To Do Brush Lettering – The Ultimate Guide
Brush calligraphy is a beautiful art form where you use a brush pen to create elegant and artistic lettering. This technique involves varying the pressure on the pen to produce thick and thin strokes, resulting in a dynamic and expressive style of writing. It's a fun and relaxing way to create personalized cards, posters, and other decorative items
About the Artist
Hi! I am Shamika, I am a dedicated calligraphy artist with a passion for creating beautiful, hand-lettered art. My work combines traditional techniques with modern styles to produce unique and elegant designs. I love turning words into works of art, bringing beauty and creativity to everyday life
Here are the contents of this guide 
  • 1. What is brush lettering?

  •  2. What supplies do you need?

            Supply #1: Paper

            Supply #2: Brush Pens

  •  3. Why are brush pens great for lettering? 

  •  4. How do you use a brush for calligraphy? 

  •  5. What’s the right way to hold a brush pen? 

  •  6. How to overcome the most common brush pen struggles 

  •  7. Brush Pen Warm-Up Drills 

            Warm-Up #1: Downstrokes 

            Warm-Up #2: Upstrokes 

            Warm-Up #3: Curved Strokes 

  • The 7 fundamental strokes

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